Other Science + Technology Projects

Completed Work

UO Pacific Hall Freezer Room Study
UO Pacific Hall Corn Storage Study
UO Wong Laser Lab
UO Germfree Zebrafish Water System Consultation
UO Pacific Hall Labs Feasibility Study
UO Klamath Core Facility Concept Study
UO Tubliz Lab
UO Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) Concept Study
UO ZIRC Fire Restoration
UO Stickleback Core Facility
UO ZIRC Cryopreservation Facility
UO Condon Hall Anthropology Lab
UO Gerlinger Physiology Lab
UO Microscopy Lab
UO Transgenic Mouse Facility
OSU Linus Pauling Commissioning
Valliscor Code and Schematic Study
SIGA Document Control Room Remodel
NIH Aquatic Research Facility Design Guidelines
Michigan State University Zebrafish Facility Peer Review