As a complex cultural and technical discipline, the contemporary practice of architecture should be connected to current research. Rowell Brokaw Architects has performed specialized research studies, and has a staff with active research interests. We have strong connections to the Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon, and we collaborate regularly on research related to practice.

Specific areas of research include:

  • Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations (John Rowell with Marc Schlossberg, Dave Amos and Kelly Sanford)
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  • Emergence of Shopping Districts (John Rowell, Howard Davis, Maurice Reid, Marc Holt)
    Hamburg Paper Draft Download
    Survey Documentation Download
  • Aquatic Research Facilities (Austin Bailey)
  • Multi-Family Housing (Greg Brokaw, John Rowell and Howard Davis)
  • Environments for People with Developmental Disabilities (John Rowell, Kaarin Knudson, Greg Brokaw)
  • Making Homes That Work: A Resource Guide for Families Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (George Braddock and John Rowell) 
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    Link to 2012 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Submission
  • Early Childhood Education (John Rowell, Jenny Young)
  • Spatial Structure of Small Towns (Jenny Young)

To expand research capacity in special areas of interest, the firm established in 2007 the Rowell Brokaw Student Research Fund. The fund supports two graduate students per term to conduct research.