General Chemistry & Biology Teaching Labs

2012 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Winner

In recent years Rowell Brokaw has completed numerous renovations and upgrades of laboratory, classroom, and office spaces. Rowell Brokaw's laboratory remodel work has required analysis of existing systems and creative retrofit to meet current requirements, especially with respect to power, lighting, cooling, ventilation, acoustics and accessibility. Two examples include the UO Biology Teaching Lab and the UO General Chemistry Lab. 

General Chemistry Teaching Lab
New labs for general chemistry classes were created to enhance the education experience for hundreds of undergraduates who may be enrolling in their first—and sometimes defining—courses in science disciplines. The 5,000 square feet space layout emphasizes an efficient workflow for students, increasing their time on instructional tasks as well as maximizing visibility between instructors and students to create an improved and much safer working environment. The space is divided into four distinct rooms, with each room configured for team projects. A state-of-the-art ventilation system and high-tech educational tools improve the learning experience for the 800-plus students who use the lab annually. The new General Chemistry teaching lab space is a high visibility location. The use of natural daylight make this project both visually and functionally appealing. The renovation also includes a prep space across the hall, with a new lab dishwasher and rubberized flooring.

General Biology Teaching Lab
This 2000 sf project provides the Biology Department with a visible teaching facility located on the ground floor of a heavily occupied building in the heart of UO’s science core. As well as providing ample and well serviced instructional areas for a large spectrum of biology classes, the design opened up the corner space to the surrounding interior corridors creating a highly visible laboratory facility in a high traffic area.


AIA/SWO People's Choice Submission