{Free} Digital Book Release: Rethinking Streets for Bikes

Rethinking Streets for Bikes presents 25 case studies of bicycle-friendly infrastructure improvements in the United States and Canada. “The information is presented in a visually accessible way that is designed to simultaneously speak to transportation planners and engineers, policymakers, urban designers, community advocates, and the public in general. There are lessons to be learned from individual projects and from the collection as a whole, which shows a diverse set of communities all successfully implementing a wide range of high quality bicycle transportation infrastructure,” writes co-author Marc Schlossberg.

Produced in collaboration with the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI), and sponsored by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC) with matching support from Rowell Brokaw Architects, this publication follows the first Rethinking Streets, published in 2013.

Find the official link to your FREE digital copy of Rethinking Streets for Bikes at rethinkingstreets.com! From there you will be directed to the project page and downloadable files on the National Institute for Transportation and Communities website.