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New bill clarifies right-of-way for bikes

The Oregon State House and Senate recently passed HB 2682, a bill that clarifies a bicyclist’s right-of-way when riding in a continuous bike lane through an intersection. The very concise bill states, “Where the markings of a bicycle lane are interrupted by an intersection, the bicycle lane continues in and through the intersection.” This is true of any lane of travel that passes through an intersection, but two cases in which traffic court judges excused drivers for hitting bicyclists while in intersections prompted the clarifying bill.

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{Free} Digital Book Release: Rethinking Streets for Bikes

A follow-up project to the first Rethinking Streets (2013), Rethinking Streets for Bikes presents 25 case studies of bicycle-friendly infrastructure improvements in the United States and Canada. “There are lessons to be learned from individual projects and from the collection as a whole, which shows a diverse set of communities all successfully implementing a wide range of high quality bicycle transportation infrastructure.” (Marc Schlossberg, co-author)

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