Woodmansee Housing Community

Salem, Oregon

Woodmansee Housing Community a residential community to be developed by Catholic Community Services on a 1.27-acre site at 4685 Sunnyside Road, adjacent to Woodmansee Park in Salem. The project helped create a new vision for an integrated neighborhood by providing high-quality, well-maintained housing serving people with a broader range of needs and abilities than is currently available.

The one- and two-story village-style development offers an attractive environment for individuals who need assistance in their daily lives, together with housing for others who need a safe and affordable place to live. Some units are designed to allow persons with special needs to live independently, with some support, in a safe and attractive neighborhood. Other units are designed for individuals or families who are in the work force, but have not found an affordable place to live.

The project was designed to be compatible with the adjacent residential neighborhood. A visually attractive development on this vacant site will be a significant improvement to Woodmansee Park. The program included 18 units of housing, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, some three-bedroom apartment units, and the Forever Home. 

The “Forever Home” is based on the highly successful CCS program gives foster children a permanent home to succeed in a safe and caring family setting. For everyone who lives here, and for those who visit, the promise is a livable neighborhood where people from different walks of life know and care about each other, and where people with disabilities can belong and thrive.