Silverton Senior Center

Silverton, Oregon

This 6,000-square-foot Silverton Senior Center sits at the top of a west-sloping, two-acre City-owned parcel adjacent to the internationally recognized Oregon Gardens. To the west of the Center's site is an 11-acre, currently undeveloped property that will be used in the future for civic purposes. Silverton's urban growth boundary is just to the west. Given its civic use and location at the edge of the community, the Silverton Senior Center marks a threshold to the town and reflects its civic purpose, neighborhood context and strong relationship to the surrounding rural landscape.

Serving the approximately 18,000 residents of Silverton and its surrounding rural communities, the Center includes a 1,500-square-foot great room for dining and activities, two classrooms, a commercial kitchen, offices, flexible lobby space, storage, and a health counseling room.

The Center houses the Silverton Area Seniors and Meals on Wheels programs and offers wellness, recreation and activity programs. Openness, visual connections and balanced daylight are emphasized in the design, with the ultimate goal of creating a bright, welcoming center for the whole community that is easily maintained and flexible by nature.


2011 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Submission