My Coffee on West 11th

My Coffee is a new spin on the concept of the coffee house. The values of the new restaurant chain are centered on healthy organic coffee, healthy organic foods and smoothies, and excellent, enthusiastic service.

The design concept strategy for the restaurant's flagship store was to create a strong visual image that would be memorable and indicative of the restaurant's aims. The restaurant is both "hip and youthful" while at the same time "down to earth" and based in values of health, building local economies, and providing organically grown foods.

The form of the building is simple. It references both an economical modernism and western small town buildings with storefront walls and tall parapets. The metal siding, canopies, and crafted wood and steel bracket supports adopt the sensibilities of straightforward agricultural buildings. The red exterior and the warm interior terra cotta tones create a memorable theme, as well as a cozy setting.

2005 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Submission