Lane Community College Master Plan

Eugene, Oregon

The Lane Community College Master Plan will guide facility and operational planning for the next 10-15 years. The physical assets of Lane’s campuses—the buildings, infrastructure, and open spaces—play a central role in serving its mission and core values. Because of the dynamic nature of education, including its changing needs and demographics, the Campus Master Plan will be developed as a flexible framework that can address a wide variety of short- and long-range planning scenarios. The goals of this living document are to enhance sustainability and resiliency; access, equity, and inclusion; and safety on campus through strategic use and development of facilities. Rowell Brokaw, in collaboration with Chris Ramey of CRC Facilities Planning, is excited to work closely with Lane’s facilities staff, council, and master planning subcommittee to meet these goals.

Essential to a successful Master Plan is the campus community’s involvement. This process involves studies, surveys, and campus conversations. After evaluating the existing conditions of facilities and compiling a space inventory and utilization study, the team will seek feedback from students, faculty, upper administration, and staff to better understand how spaces, programs, and services can be improved. From this feedback, a series of viable ideas and concepts will be generated. In the next feedback loop, these options and alternatives will be shared and discussed with the campus community. Ultimately, the final Master Plan will be approved by Lane’s Board of Education. Rowell Brokaw looks forward to being a part of this grassroots effort to create a Master Plan that resonates with the campus community and serves as a touchstone for future growth.