Seeking Comment on the Steam Plant Redevelopment Concept

Historic steam plant envisioned as a cultural amenity

Historic steam plant envisioned as a cultural amenity

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Comments sought on proposed Steam Plant concept

By Matt Sayre
January 23, 2019

The Steam Plant is an iconic representation of our community’s history, ripe with possibility for the future, and a survey is now open for the community to give input on a concept design. The survey launches today and will be open until February 19. Representatives from the team and the City will hold an Open House on February 7 from 4-7 p.m. and will be present at several community events to answer questions and get feedback. Community members will have the opportunity to speak with the team and learn about their concepts for the Steam Plant, as well as take virtual tours of building:

“The Steam Plant building is the last physical representation of the birthplace of industry for the southern Willamette Valley,” said Mark Miksis, of deChase Miksis Development. “This project has the opportunity to honor our rich history and set a course for our community’s future.”

The local team, led by Miksis and Mark Frohnmayer of Arcimoto, unveiled their proposed redesign concepts today on the website https//  

Draft renderings show cultural space featuring historic boiler #1 and the eye-catching red turbine generators. The building would maintain its existing footprint, add cross-laminated timber internally and rise vertically to five stories to maximize views of the river. An outdoor overlook connects the building to the future adjacent Riverfront Park and the river without impeding the bike path.

“We have the opportunity to build something that is undeniably ‘Eugene’, that’s infused with our spirit of innovation, that’s at the nexus point on the river between downtown and the university, and that truly invites community participation on multiple levels,” said Mark Frohnmayer.

The development team is currently engaged in a robust due diligence process as they develop their full proposal for the Steam Plant’s redevelopment, evaluating the building’s potential and challenges to determine what work needs to be done to bring the building up to code, making it safe for the community to access. The team is also creating their financial strategy, exploring financing sources for the initial redevelopment, and determining what types of uses are needed to make the building financially sustainable long-term.

After community outreach, the River Guides, a community advisory committee for the Riverfront Urban Renewal District, will evaluate the proposal using the criteria approved by the Agency Board (City Council). The Agency Board will then consider the proposal, community feedback, and the River Guides’ recommendation when taking action on possible future negotiations with the team, estimated for early April.

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City Contact: Amanda D’Souza, Business Development Analyst, 541-682-5540 or   

Team Contact: Matt Sayre, Steam Plant Team, 503-701-7792  

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