Eugene, Oregon

2EB LLC is a local group of individuals set out to solve an urban design problem, and create something beautiful and vibrant in the heart of Downtown Eugene. 2EB is a community-oriented project. It brings a new use to the Southeast corner of Willamette and Broadway, one that preserves accessibility and openness, but one that is a more vibrant and attractive place all hours of the day, throughout the year.

The heart of a city should be the city at its best. Eugene showcases an awkward, dead space at the south-east corner of our main intersection at Broadway and Willamette. This space is a leftover from the failed Downtown Mall. The Mall was designed with a structure in this corner that was removed. No-one would intentionally design an urban open space like this.

This corner is one of the busiest pedestrian corners in the city. The idea is to take what’s working, add to it, and make it better. To build on that energy and give you a reason to linger, meet and be part of the social and cultural richness of city life. 

For more information about the project, visit the project website and Facebook page: