1203 Willamette

Eugene, Oregon

2017 AIA / SWO Mayor's Choice Award

The existing structure is a 36,000 sf 2-story building with a full basement. The building consists of cast-in-place concrete exterior walls on three sides and a wood-framed wall with various sheathing materials and storefront. The interior floors and roof are framed with timber and wood framing. 

The original building was built in two phases. The first building on the north half of the site was built in 1942. A nearly identical building was built on the south side of the site in 1946. The buildings have been substantially remodeled at least twice. In 1964 the entire front elevation (Willamette street) of the building was substantially remodeled to essentially match what it looks like today (the original structure was a nicely detailed stucco building–none of this remains). This last remodel completely changed the look of the front of the building and covered several windows and walls with a precast, exposed aggregate panel.  The storefront was also substantially modified. In the 1980’s there was also a substantial remodel throughout the interior of the building that added partition walls and an exit stair. 

The proposed project is to renovate the 1203 Willamette building, providing structural upgrades primarily on the Willamette Street elevation and a new core with elevator and bathrooms. The building is planned to be a mixed-use storage/office/retail building, with the retail uses along Willamette Street and storage in the basement. The eastern portion of the ground floor and the entire second floor will be used for office space.

2017 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Submission