Wilcox House

Eugene, Oregon

In this major remodel project, special attention was given to creating a renovation and addition that would preserve the character of this landmark house in Eugene. Designed by W.R.B. Wilcox, the house is one of the few buildings remaining by this early twentieth-century architect.

The house required repair and basic amenities for contemporary living, along with additional spaces, with particular characteristics. The challenge was to improve the house without damaging its original character. The new work appears seamless with the old. Rooms are interconnected while keeping their original scale and definition. New dormers, doors, windows and trim match the proportions, details and finish of the original.

Like the existing Wilcox designed rooms, all of the new spaces are filled with natural light. This house is a case study in how to sensitively undertake a major remodel project while retaining the essential spirit of the original house.