UO Hamilton Walton Transformation

Eugene, Oregon

The Hamilton and Walton Transformation Project represents a unique opportunity in the historic trajectory of the University of Oregon to create a new and vibrant campus fabric insertion at the geographic center of the University. 

The project proposes to create a phased replacement of the existing Hamilton and Walton student housing and dining facilities and to expand the overall residential capacity of on campus housing replacing the existing 1400 beds and adding 400 new upper division beds in the form of apartment suites and micro-unit singles. The project also includes open space improvements and the incorporation of a new recruitment center to provide a welcoming facility for prospective students, families and visitors.  A new market hall dining facility will replace the existing food service at Hamilton and provide a variety of venues and gathering spaces for the campus precinct.

The project amplifies the power of this campus landscape through the creation of a new campus open space to replace the existing Humpy Lumpy open space and diligently incorporates pedestrian and vehicular flows to preserve the important balance of campus connectivity through and within this important project site.  The project design builds upon the strong foundation of campus planning principles to organize transparent and active edges, well formed open spaces and clearly organized entry points on all portions of the site to create a welcoming and functional addition to the campus fabric.