2005 AIA / SWO Merit Award

One East Broadway

2005 AIA / SWO Merit Award

One East Broadway is the transformation of a once drab and uncomfortable building that is now a sparkling pavilion at the heart of downtown Eugene. Originally the home of Rowell Brokaw Architects and Oveissi & Co. Rug Store, many of the improvements, including state-of-the-art mechanical and control upgrades, address energy efficiency while providing attractive architecture.

Custom designed and locally fabricated sunshades make the interior comfortable and preserve the transparency and daylighting potential of the glass box. The original bank interior was gutted and asbestos abated, thus exposing the elegant structural steel frame.

A new staircase and finished basement add another dimension to the street-level retail space. Monumental wall panels coordinate with the structure to be a striking backdrop for storefront display. Rich colors radiate warmth to the street and create a vision of optimism for the city’s downtown square.

One East Broadway’s unique composition and careful craftsmanship have brought life back to an otherwise dead 1960s building and downtown Eugene. It has been applauded by the public and was also honored with the American Institute of Architects Merit Award in 2005.


2005 AIA/SWO Design Awards Submission

2005 AIA/SWO People's Choice Award Submission