Andersen Construction Performs the Impossible

During a planned power outage for the Pacific Hall renovation to replace the rooftop electrical transformer this weekend, the Pacific team encountered a serious problem. When power was transferred to backup Friday evening around 6pm and the old transformer removed, it was discovered that the steel structure under the platform supporting the existing transformer was nothing like the as-builts the design team had been working from. The original plan to modify the existing structure to accommodate the new, 40% heavier transformer no longer made sense.

From 7pm to 2am that night, Austin Bailey, John Rowell, and Matt Travis of Rowell Brokaw and Ed Quesenberry of Equilibrium Engineers worked with Mike Wold, Dan Porovich, and Wendell Dietrich of Andersen Construction to modify the design on the fly. The solution ultimately required structural reinforcing/modification of some of the existing steel members and coordinating with Andersen Construction what could actually be built in and around the existing conditions. What should have taken roughly 6 hours of steel modification ended up requiring about 24 hours of continuous cutting, grinding, and welding. The Andersen crew put in a tremendous amount of effort and work with carpenters Brad Hellesto and Rob Hansen working through the night to complete the additional modifications.

Dozens of electricians from OEG were on-site throughout the weekend. Working on shifts 24/7 to complete multiple new equipment installations and to restore power by Monday morning. Because of the platform modifications, the new transformer reached the roof about 10 hours later than had been intended. However, because of the combined effort of Andersen Construction and OEG, they were able to gain back that time through Saturday night and Sunday.

Thanks to everyone involved in overcoming the challenges of this weekend! It’s wonderful to be a part of such a resourceful and committed team.