RBA Video kicks off Sensory Park Fundraising Campaign

Click image to watch video

Click image to watch video


This fundraising video helps launch a promotional effort to raise money needed to construct a full-service sensory park at Glade Run Lutheran Services located in Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Currently in the schematic design phase this new park is one of three projects that Rowell Brokaw is working on in collaboration with George Braddock of Creative Housing Solutions. The other two projects are the Siberling Recreation Cente and the Jeremiah Village Master Plan.

Glade Run Lutheran Services offers a number of educational and supportive services to traumatized youth and individuals with environmental and other sensitivities. Part of the clientele and residents have diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Its cutting-edge, autism-specific services are delivered by staff trained who specifically understand the unique needs of individuals with ASD.

This 1.25 acre park site is intended to be the center of campus and provide inclusive outdoor play for all. The park will offer a safe environment for families and students, including a fenced perimeter, clear circulation paths and open visibility.

Sensory components such as sand, water, grass and plants are designed to appropriately stimulate and challenge children. Activities that build large motor skills are proposed to enhance body awareness, balance and motion.

The playground equipment will be spaced apart to allow children a safe distance to observe activities prior to engaging in play. Quiet areas are designed throughout the park to soothe those that may become over stimulated. Underlying the whole park design is a richly landscaped environment for an immersion into nature that stimulates all of the senses including observation that is inviting to children as well as wildlife.

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