OSU Goss Stadium Alumni Room

Rowell Brokaw is currently designing a 750-square-foot interior remodel in the OSU Goss Baseball Stadium. This remodel consists of a renovation of an existing storage room and is one of many ongoing enhancements at Goss Stadium. Oregon State established itself as one of the nation’s elite baseball programs, winning back-to-back national championships in 2006 and 2007 and reaching the College World Series in 2013. Over the past five years, Goss Stadium has undergone a string of upgrades that allows it to main a competitive advantage for the baseball program. Goss Stadium, which was built in 1907, is now the oldest continuous ballpark in the nation. 

This remodel will serve as a new alumni room—a place to honor OSU baseball stars, meet recruits and entertain baseball donors interested in supporting the prestigious baseball program. 

Designed as a casual "lounge/hangout", this new space will be named the Barney Alumni Lounge after OSU player Darwin Barney who was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2007 in the 4th round. The space resembles a classy Northwest-style brew pub—moody and atmospheric with reclaimed wood features. The colors are OSU-themed and a large team graphic will be affixed to the wall in the lounge area to evoke team celebration and team spirit. On the west wall, a progression of digital photographs on an array of screens will showcase the history of the baseball program and on the east wall, the helmets of every Major League Baseball team will be displayed, along with plaques listing former OSU players who have made it to each team. There will also be an American flag made out of baseball bats to honor players who have represented the USA on the international stage.

Additional features include a backlit, dropped ceiling made out of baseball bats and a black vinyl silhouette of Darwin Barney where guests can use permanent markets to sign their names when they visit the Alumni Room.

Gregory Brokaw