Rethinking Streets Book Available as Free Download

The recently produced, Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations is available as a free download. Applicable to planners, policy makers, engineers, designers, and neighborhood leaders, this highly visual guidebook is designed to make it easier for communities to implement street retrofits. 

The project was supported by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC), including the printing of 1,000 books that have been freely distributed to communities, transportation professionals, and policy makers in almost every U.S. State.  

Please fill out the book and PDF request page to access the digital version:

An Excerpt from the Book....

It’s time to rethink the street. For too long we’ve been building streets as though they have one function–to move cars quickly. The reality is that streets can to do more than just move cars. They can move people on foot, on bikes, on transit, without hurting vehicular throughput and safety. They can be more than a way to get somewhere else. Good streets are good places, too – public places where people meet, sit and socialize, conduct business, wander about, play, and more.

This new book uses evidence from completed street projects from around the United States in order to help communities imagine alternative futures for their streets. The book does not show hypothetical street re-designs, but actual examples from typical communities to show how they did what they did and see what resulted from the change.

Gregory Brokaw