VA SORCC project featured in EBN's LEED vs. GreenGlobes report

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The VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Health Clinic in White City, Oregon is featured in a BuildingGreen report entitled LEED vs. Green Globes: A Definitive Analysis. The VA SORACC project recently earned a Two Green Globes Certification. The report compares key differences between Green Globes and LEED—including cost, technical rigor, market perceptions, and the organizations behind the scenes. BuildingGreen is an affiliate with Environmental Building News. 

There is ongoing discussion about the relative merits of each certification system, and this report attempts to compare them. The VA Health Clinic project in White City was one of the case studies highlighted in the report. Because of Rowell Brokaw's experience with the two certification systems, RBA staff was interviewed to help with the assessment. 

The 16,000 sf health clinic building incorporated the following strategies—energy efficient building envelope and systems; daylighting, low emitting and regional materials, FSC wood, and durable low-maintenance finishes.

Gregory Brokaw