There Are Big Things Happening at the Edward Center, Inc. Luncheon

On October 26th, the Edwards Center hosted a luncheon titled “There Are Big Things Happening at Edwards Center, Inc.” John Rowell, Kaarin Knudson, and Emily Hogan, all of Rowell Brokaw Architects, had the honor of attending this extraordinary event. Among the speakers at the luncheon were Jean Edwards, the founder and Board President of the Edwards Center, and Amy Roloff of TLC's “Little People, Big World.”

Edwards Center luncheon 1 sm.jpg

The Edwards Center is an Aloha, Oregon-based nonprofit committed to supporting people with living with disability. Rowell Brokaw Architects is currently working with the Edwards Center to develop a “pocket neighborhood” with ten new residences as well as the renovation and expansion of the existing Edwards Center headquarters.

One of the primary goals of the pocket neighborhood residences will be to provide choice, independence, and a sense of community for residents of all ages and disabilities. The renovation of the Edwards Center headquarters will allow the organization to grow its offerings and meet the increasing need for educational, health, and wellness programs.

The pocket neighborhood and Edwards Center renovation projects were featured elements within the presentations, with renderings of the projects included in a slideshow and video. There seemed to be a great deal of excitement in the air regarding the projects and their potentially powerful impact on current and future clients of the Edwards Center. (Click to view the "Then and Now" video, one of the videos shown at the event.) We look forward to continued development of the projects, with the Edwards Center renovation/expansion scheduled to begin construction in 2012.

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