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Oveissi & Co. plans move to make way for city center momentum.

The owners of the One East Broadway building, on the corner of Willamette and Broadway, believe it’s time to transition their iconic downtown building into higher and better uses.

Kaz Oveissi, owner of Oveissi & Co., a prominent downtown retailer, and architects John Rowell and Greg Brokaw, set out in 2005 to purchase and improve the One East Broadway building.

John Rowell said “We were the early adopters of the center of this intersection after Broadway re-opened. We made a commitment to incubate excellence, make this place look great, and when the time was right, transition to more active tenants and uses. Good things are happening around us, and we think it’s time to open up this unique opportunity. Neither of our businesses take full advantage of the great location at the center of this rapidly changing downtown district.”

Kaz Oveissi said “It’s always been our dream and hope to see things take off around us. Now we’re seeing rapid change, and I can step away from being the only business on the corner.”

Oveissi will close this location and consolidate the oriental rug store at 22 W 7th Avenue, across from the Hult Center. “One East Broadway is a spectacular storefront and location, and we’re looking forward to a use here that contributes to more foot traffic and vibrancy at the center of our downtown.”

One East Broadway is one of the most recognized addresses in the heart of Eugene. Facing Kesey Square, and visible from Broadway and Willamette Streets, it has become a landmark building, unusually memorable and recognizable for a relatively small downtown building.

John Rowell says: “Its unique, high quality interior and exterior come from its history as the Equitable Savings and Loan, and the total transformation we did when we bought the building.”

Built in 1961, the original building won an AIA design award for its open, modernist, transparent steel and glass structure. Then in 2005, it was re-invented by the current owners to become one of Eugene’s prime retail and office locations, and won another AIA design award for the renovation.

Many of the improvements are invisible to a passersby, but were key to making the building more comfortable and energy efficient. The heat source is now gas, the chiller is new, and the air handling system has nine zones, digitally controlled.

Greg Brokaw says “The feel of the building was also re-imagined to become what we call ‘warm modernism.’ The new gold-colored exterior shades, for example, control heat gain from the sun, emphasize the transparency between the street and interior and are a signature of the building. The ground level is a spectacular volume with controlled daylight and open, airy structure. Monumental panels provide display space along the highly transparent street face. A gracious, open steel staircase connects to a finished lower level. The upper floor is a high quality open office with daylight and prime views.”

John Rowell also points out that the private off-street parking (15 spaces) offers a unique opportunity for a retailer, restaurant, service business or arts organization to succeed. “This is the only building along the city-center blocks of Broadway and Willamette that has street-level, street-accessible dedicated parking.”

One East Broadway is an approximately 11,000 sf retail/office building and is located in the heart of downtown Eugene. It is directly across from Broadway Commerce Center, Beam Development’s recent renovation of the Center Court building, which is one of a series of major projects that are expected to breathe new life into Eugene’s downtown development and economic activity.


For more information about this topic, or to schedule an appointment with the Owners of One East Broadway, please contact Kaz Oveissi at (541) 485-5204 or You may also visit the One East Broadway website at

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