Ribbon Cutting: Braddock House in Goleta, California

George Braddock, President of Creative Housing Solutions LLC, the ribbon last month at the newly completed Braddock House in Goleta, California. Through Creative Housing Solutions, George has pioneered the application of person-centered planning principles to the design and construction of homes for people with disabilities. Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC. has collaborated with George for over 15 years, designing and researching environments for persons with developmental disabilities.

The Braddock House provides a much needed affordable housing opportunity for persons with developmental disabilities in one of the most desirable but expensive areas of California. The Braddock House is considered a Special Care Facility and provides semi-independent living for up to four developmentally disabled adults. The completion of this home was a collaborative effort involving Surf Development Company, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara, Tri-Counties Regional Center, the County of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta, Rowell Brokaw Architects and Creative Housing Solutions.

Designed by Rowell Brokaw Architects and Creative Housing Solutions, the Braddock House accommodates self-directed living and customized supports for individuals with enduring medical needs. Storage space is designed to support the specialized support equipment, and bathrooms are fully accessible. Kitchen, dining, utility, and office spaces are shared for economy and efficiency. Several options exist for dining, either together or separately. All the common rooms are arranged and large enough to invite and accommodate participation and to allow freedom of movement in a wheelchair. Each side has its own heat and air conditioning units with high performance air filtration. Private patios and generous windows provide access and views to the garden.