City Council Adds 4th Floor to City Hall

On Monday, October 27, the design team presented an update regarding the potential for the Council Chamber’s adaptive reuse, the addition of a fourth floor, and the inclusion of structured, below-grade parking. On October 7, Council had requested more information about these three items. On October 27, Eugene City Council voted to add a 4th floor to the new Eugene City Hall, but declined the opportunities to incorporate structured parking or preserve the steel structural components of the Council Chamber for a future use. Council had asked for more information about these three items at a meeting two weeks prior. Council agreed that adding a fourth floor now is a cost-effective way to provide the City with the ability to more easily adapt to changing community needs and consolidate more City services in the building. It also gives the building a more prominent civic presence and contributes to achieving the City’s goals for a vital, active downtown.

In two other motions, Council determined that the cost was too high for a relatively small number of underground parking spaces at this time, and that there is not a feasible option for the adaptive reuse of the Council Chamber. Councilors agreed to continue with deconstruction of the existing Chamber, salvaging valuable materials, and crediting the recycled value of the structural steel to the project.

The project team also provided a brief update on progress to reuse or recycle 95% of the existing building. Working with partners like BRING Recycling and McKenzie Commercial, we are on our way to accomplishing this goal. 

Click here to learn more about how materials are being reused and recycled, or about how little time it took BRING to sell every single concrete paver reclaimed from the elevated courtyard. Remember to visit the project website at for the latest information.

Gregory Brokaw