UO Foundation team selected for EWEB riverfront redevelopment

This image presents a concept for development of EWEB property on the Willamette River in downtown Eugene. (University of Oregon Foundation)

This image presents a concept for development of EWEB property on the Willamette River in downtown Eugene. (University of Oregon Foundation)

On Tuesday evening, EWEB voted 4-0 to select the UO Foundation team to redevelop the EWEB site, an 17-acre riverfront property located in downtown Eugene.

The UO Foundation team submitted a concept that calls for a mix of parks, shops and housing bordered by a public boardwalk along the Willamette River. It would renovate and reuse historic buildings on the site and create the long-sought connection between downtown and the river.

The UO Foundation's written proposal was submitted in May and can be viewed at  www.eugeneriverdistrict.com. Interviews of the three finalists, UO Foundation, Trammel Crow of Portland and Williams and Dame of Portland took place in July and can be viewed at www.youtube.com/user/EWEButility/videos

The UO Foundation team includes Paul Weinhold, UO Foundation president and CEO and Jay Namyet, UO Foundation chief investment officer; Hal Ferris of Spectrum Development Solutions; John Rowell, Greg Brokaw and Kaarin Knudson of Rowell Brokaw Architects; Eugene financial advisor Hugh Prichard; real estate advisor Harris Hoffman and development manager Mark Miksis of deChase Miksis Development.  

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