First on Broadway New Exterior Unveiled

This adaptive reuse project by Master Development of Eugene at the corner of Broadway and Willamette is currently under construction. The recently unveiled exterior surface is an exterior insulated finish rain screen system with a stucco appearance and Ipe hardwood accents. Steel horizontal canopies at the Broadway Willamette corner and metal roofed steep angled awnings shelter the remaining storefront windows, while strengthening the urban street edge, providing pedestrian shelter, and reinforcing the vertical bays of the building.

The upper floor is converted from office use to 16 units of rental apartment housing to include two two-story loft apartments. The rest of the second floor is a mix of studios, one and two-bedroom units, including some of Eugene’s first micro-studio units. The smaller units are intended to make solo living in the center of our downtown more affordable to more people. 

The ground floor retail level is outfitted for three tenants—including the First National Taphouse named in honor of the original building owner, the First National Bank and the new Bijou Metro, an outgrowth of Eugene’s premier independent and art film house. The project is expected to be completed in