University of Oregon Builds Metal-Free Geochemistry Isotope Clean Room

The University of Oregon's first Clean Room Laboratory is now in operation. The modest 800 sf laboratory suite is one of only a handful of geochemistry isotope labs in the nation designed specifically to support research involving trace elements. Exposure of metal within the laboratory environment has the potential to adversely affect the isotope experiments. As such the spaces were designed to be metal-free or to fully encapsulate metal components that could not be otherwise eliminated.

Professor James Watkins' research involves crystal and bubble growth processes in magmas and aqueous solutions. Here is a link to one of his most recent publications "The influence of kinetics on the oxygen isotope composition of calcium carbonate" in the Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

The project team worked closely with Professor James Watkins to assess the specific procedural requirements of the space. A fully integrated design allowed standard cleanroom components to be custom suited to a metal-free environment. 

Project Team

UO Project Manager: Bruce Budzik

Rowell Brokaw Architects: Austin Bailey, Eleni Tsivitzi, John Rowell

MEP - Balzhiser & Hubbard Engineer: Dave Knighton, Mechanical; Michael Ware, Electrical

Structural - Ang Engineering: Steve Shegedin

General Contractor: Chambers Construction 

Gregory Brokaw