Practicum Student from University of Westminster joins RBA this summer

Bailey Bernheine recently joined Rowell Brokaw Architects for the summer as a practicum student. Originally from Eugene, Bailey just finished her first of three years studying architecture and urban design in London UK at the University of Westminster. Bailey chose London to pursue her studies, because in the UK, as opposed to the States, one can immediately start immersing oneself in a particular subject of study.

Bailey knew she wanted to be an architect when she was in 7th grade. In response to a "job experience day" through her school, her mom set her up to spend a day with local Eugene architect, Jerry McDonnell.  After that day, she knew exactly what career she wanted to pursue. Her goal is to become a registered architect and work in a firm that does inspiring work.

This summer at RBA, Bailey is assisting with several projects including sketch up renderings for the Crescent Village Lofts project and layout of presentation boards for the upcoming SWO AIA People's Choice Awards in conjunction with the Eugene Celebration.

Above are photos of Bailey sketching; researching for a paper on the Snowdon Aviary in the London Zoo, which was designed by architect Cedric Price, and of her final project last year—a tailoring workshop and library inspired by a fairytale called 
"The Sprightly Tailor."