Watercolor Poetry

Oak Hill School's 2012-2013 fourth and sixth grade classes have assembled an artful book Reflections and Expressions: The Weber Building and Surroundings. The book features colorful watercolor paintings and creative Haikus by 32 fourth and sixth grade students. 

The Weber Classroom building was completed last year and is the second classroom building designed by Rowell Brokaw Architects. Located on the Oak Hill School campus, the Weber Classroom building was designed specifically to create high quality environments for children in the fourth and sixth grade. The building achieves high performance with economy of means, reflecting Oak Hill’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the wise use of resources. Given the building’s optimal site orientation, vaulted ceilings and balanced daylight, there is minimal need for fluorescent lighting. 

Generous wall space, views to the outdoors, and ample storage for supplies make these hard-working classrooms for productive learning. The classrooms have heated concrete floors for maximum comfort and operable windows for ventilation. The building bridges the upper and lower schools and creates a terminus for the entry courtyard. The classrooms open to generous covered walkways on the north side and spectacular views to the adjacent native oak meadow to the south.