Nine award-winning visiting architects from Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group visited RBA

Nine award-winning visiting architects from the Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group visited the Rowell Brokaw Architects offices on a recent Friday afternoon. The conversation quickly got lively as designers from both firms talked about their projects and shared their design experiences.

The visiting architects are currently spending fall term at the UO learning about sustainable design, and assisting the faculty on research and teaching. Two UO Departments, A&AA and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies are hosting the Xian Dai firm's visiting architects. The nine architects were selected from thousands of employees for a firm-sponsored sabbatical abroad for sustainable design studies from recognized Pacific Northwest experts. Xian Dai is the largest firm in China, with 4,000 professionals.

As part of their fall term experience they attended a participated in cross-cultural communication workshops. They also spent a week in Portland at the Sustainable Urban Development symposium comparing Chinese and Oregon innovations and met with touring design firms, sustainable buildings, and urban developments that focus on sustainable environments and district-level planning.

On Monday, December 3 at 6pm in Portland, five of the Shanghai Xian Dai architects will be presenting a lecture, Design at the Speed of Sound at the White Stag Building. They will share their experiences on working on very large scale projects. 

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