Dan Herbert 1927-2019

Dan Herbert passed away. Dan was a teacher of mine and treasured colleague. After I completed a challenging studio with him, while a grad student at UO, we both eventually found ourselves on the same Urban Renewal Committee as advisors to City of Eugene staff. Dan was amazingly curious and always making connections between things that I think most people didn’t take the time to notice. Dan will be missed by me and many others that he influenced so profoundly over his long career. - GB

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Gregory Brokaw
RBA Welcomes Dustin Locke!

With an interest in architecture since childhood, and after a four year stint in the US Navy, Dustin earned a Bachelor of Art in Architecture with a minor in Photography at the University of Oregon in 2013. While at UO, Dustin received a travel scholarship to participate in the Rome study abroad program and traveled to London, where he led research mapping the evolution of London’s building typologies.

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Staff, RBA OfficeSerena Limstaff
Interiors and Materials Series: 1

This is the first post in a new series here on the blog, Interiors and Materials, where we’ll shed some light on our process of identifying and selecting materials for a project. These choices have a huge impact on the way that a space is perceived and experienced. Materials should be seamlessly integrated with the architecture while adding an additional layer of complexity to the space, one that expresses the client's unique personality.

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South Hills House Construction Sequence

The South Hills House has come a long way since fall of last year. Here is a construction sequence of the terrace. One can see the clear volumes and signature cantilevered roof taking shape, the dramatic slope of the site being reconciled, and the envelope—an Equitone fibre-cement rainscreen system—being developed. Currently, the owners are in the process of moving into their new home.

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Welcome Serena Lim!

Serena Lim recently joined Rowell Brokaw as a designer after earning her M.Arch at the University of Oregon. She has always loved drawing and crafting and brings strong creative skills to the firm. After earning a B.A. in Liberal/Visual Arts from the Evergreen State College in 2008, she worked as a freelance graphic designer, textile restoration specialist, and co-founded and directed Oxtail Studio & Gallery in Berkeley, CA. She also worked as a junior designer at Goring & Straja Architects before returning to school to earn her master’s degree in architecture.

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Mark Young's illustrations and Nicola Fucigna's article on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities featured in Construction Literary Magazine

Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities has captured the imagination of many architects, including RB’s Mark Young and Nicola Fucigna. When Mark was studying abroad in Copenhagen as an undergrad, he illustrated all 55 cities. A collection of these illustrations are featured in Construction, a quarterly online literary magazine, where Nicola runs an architecture column on the poetics of real and imagined spaces.

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UO Robinson Theater Rigging Project

The UO Robinson Theater Rigging Replacement project has been successfully completed. All of the obsolete, existing equipment was replaced with contemporary stage rigging equipment. This rigging includes rope lines, blocks (pulleys), and counterweights that allow a stage crew to “fly” or hoist objects—such as lights, curtains, and scenery—out of view of the stage. Rowell Brokaw worked with PLA Theatrical Consultants, Systems West Engineers as electrical consultants, the Ausland Group as general contractor, Stagecraft Industries as the rigging subcontractor, and JKG Electric as subcontractors to complete the project.

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Eureka Veterans and Homeless Housing Approval

Today the Eureka Design Review Committee approved plans for development of an apartment complex on the corner of Fourth Street between B and C Streets in Eureka, intended to house veterans and people at risk of homelessness.

“We’re just trying to help the community, help the people on the streets and give them a leg up,” Development company Danco CommunitiesPresident Chris Dart told the Outpost.

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