Fiske Lau House

Corvallis, Oregon

David Fiske and Valerie Lau, owners of this 60’s vintage house in Corvallis, needed to do a complete make-over of their landscape after a wind storm brought down a grove of fir trees in their yard. When Sadafumi Uchiyama, now curator of the Portland Japanese Garden, visited their house he agreed to do the garden, he told them “you need an architect.”

This was an unusual collaboration between owner, architect, garden designer and builder. Our role as architect was to help identify goals and translate those to strategic remodel moves. The documentation for permit and the details of the project were completed by the builder, G. Christianson Construction. The drawings were relatively simple, with the understanding that details would be worked out with good communication during construction.

The project focused on transforming the living spaces from cluttered, disjointed to an elegant, flowing space. The plan was a workable split-level, but all of the living spaces were separate rooms of about the same size, connected by long hallways. The long, skinny east living bar was especially problematic. From the outside, it looked like a schoolhouse, with large east facing windows that overheated the interior. The new interior re-configured the entry sequence and interconnected living, kitchen and outdoor space. Anticipating the future garden, the openings for windows and doors introduced long diagonal views into the landscape, and allowing space to feel like it flows into the garden.


Fiske Lau House Featured in 1859 Magazine, December 2014 issue


2010 AIA / SWO People's Choice Award Submission