Crescent Village Lofts

This Crescent Village mixed-use residential/retail project is five stories plus a loft, and includes 40 units of housing and 6,000 sf of retail space on the ground floor.

Designed to appeal to Eugene urbanites, the Lofts are notable for their clean, contemporary character and efficient, smaller unit size. Higher ceilings and large apertures enhance the sense of spaciousness and create opportunities for daylighting. The building’s exterior is designed to both fit with the larger identity of Crescent Village and begin to introduce additional materials to the neighborhood palette.

The ground floor’s design maximizes retail area and resolves mechanical, circulation and bike parking needs in a compact service zone pushed to the building’s north edge. Access to the residential units is gained from an apartment entry on the northeast corner of the building, which opens to a future park that will be designed to the north.