1999 IIDA/AIA Honor Award

Oveissi & Co.

1999 AIA/SWO Design Award

1999 IIDA/AIA Honor Award

This project is an elegant new showroom in a tough old parking garage. Located on Seventh Avenue in a ground floor tenant space across from Eugene’s Hult Center for the Performing Arts, the site is visible to thousands of people passing by every day. 

The existing interior was a bland office space filled with acoustical tile, gypsum board and glue-down carpet. The space was stripped back to concrete to create a strong backdrop for the rich collection of rugs. Like a robust old warehouse, the raw shell is preserved as a visible part of the interior. The rich color scheme creates a luxurious mood and complimentary backdrop to the decorative rugs.

The space is a tapestry of material, texture and color. Exposed steel, wood, painted plaster and concrete create an honest toughness.  Grand-scaled lighting loops built out of wood moldings and painted rich colors define space within the large volume. Generous track lighting required for display is mounted to these dramatic frames

1999 AIA/SWO Design Award Submission